Additional information:


About us:

We are a small group of internet entrepreneurs, located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

We are managing a bunch of about 600 internet domains – partly dominated by ourselfs, partly by our customers.

Most of the domains are inactive right now and we are starting developing some of them to real revenue generating websites. Additionally we are doing some website development for our customers.

Here are some topics and groups of the websites we want to bring alive:

  • Business, Web Business

  • Affiliate Marketing, PPC Marketing

  • Jobs, Job Agencies, Coaching Sites

  • Shopping Malls

  • Model Community Site (non adult)

  • Dating Sites (adult)

  • Membership sites, Subscription sites

  • Health, Medicine

  • Self-development, Self-help advice

  • Wellness, Esoteric

  • Telecommunication (

  • Loans, credits

  • Erotic Directories (adult)

Here are some examples of sites which are already in development:

Almost all sites are in German for the German speaking market.


We need help in following areas of work:


Web Development:

  • Development and Installation of websites (PHP, MySQL)

  • Site Development using simple site creation software e.g. XSitePro

  • Installation and Customization of Drupal and other CMS

  • Webdesign, Graphic Design, Template Design


Web Marketing:

  • All kind of Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.

  • Viral Marketing, E-mail Marketing

  • Project Management for websites regarding Web Marketing efforts

  • Web Promotion, Link Building

  • Traffic Building, Generation of Targeted Traffic

  • Lead Generation, etc.

  • In sum: Driving targeted traffic to our sites

Management, Administration:

  • Project Management for Websites

  • Server Administration Linux

  • Webmaster / Site Administrator

  • Content Management

  • Web Research

  • Data Handling, Data Input



Requirements on a Virtual Assistant:

  • Open minded, tolerant, positiv thinking and easy to work with

  • Detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, highly motivated, reliable, hard-working, industrious and, most of all, dependable

  • Self-reliant once tasks are given to achieve a successful result with minimal guidance

  • Languages:

    • Fluent English

    • German

  • Dependable broadband internet connection

  • Communicate freely and openly

  • Daily reporting absolutely necessary


If you have any questions please don't hestitate to send us a message (The only stupid question is the one not asked...).



Your advantages working with us:


You don't need to search again and again for work on different freelance platforms.

You will have a constant, ongoing and growing and dependable income.