What we are really looking for:


You may already know this:


 Requirements on a Virtual Assistant:

  • Open minded, tolerant, positiv thinking and easy to work with

  • Detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, highly motivated, reliable, hard-working, industrious and, most of all, dependable

  • Self-reliant once tasks are given to achieve a successful result with minimal guidance

  • Languages:

    • Fluent English

    • German

  • Dependable broadband internet connection

  • Communicate freely and openly

  • Daily reporting absolutely necessary




But what is really our desire?


We are looking for two or three freelance workers for a long lasting relationship. We do not have just short one-time projects but we have constantly growing ongoing work.

Therefore we do a lot of effort finding the right people to work with us as a team.

These are some of the the attributes we are longing for at most: Trustworthy, faithful, loyal, honourable, responsible, .


How can you prove you are such a person?


In the past we made some really bad experiences with freelancers on different freelance sites. We don't want to make those bad experiences again.




Your advantages working with us:


You don't need to search again and again for work on different freelance platforms.

You will have a constant, ongoing and growing and dependable income.